Anthony Armstrong is a self-taught abstract artist and photographer.  Anthony’s works have been displayed, in both mediums, at the Harrison Center for the Arts, the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library, the Indianapolis Central Library and currently on display at the 305 Wine Garage, Fortville, Indiana.  For multiple years, he’s also been a selected artist for the Southside Art League National Abstract Competition.


While displaying in mostly monochrome, Anthony’s photography has tried to capture the essence of the people and places, as he has traveled both domestically and internationally.  “The absence of color often helps the viewer see the texture and life of a photograph” he states. 


In addition to photography, Anthony has branched his creative limbs into the world of abstract mixed media paintings. His art emphasizes texture and mostly earth tone colors. 


His works can be seen daily at his working studio and exhibits during monthly First Friday’s open houses.

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